Offering a variety of lesson options and can customize according to your needs and budget. Lessons for adults and youth of all ages specializing in “Mindful Riding” we are not able to offer show level lesson but focus of therapeutic, regenerative and re cooperative type of lessons- both physically and emotionally. Lessons can be offered in English or western, bareback and Vaulting.

Privates, semi- privates and groups sessions available plus vaulting and therapeutic venues


we offer a variety of horse for lease and and incorporate lessons on the package. Lease options are as follows:

Per ride- $35

half month lease 6 rides $150

full lease $350 allows full access to a horse as you want or to keep one of our sale horses to try it out. The horse will not be sold on this lease and we reserve the right to continue to train and use it if needed.

Family package lease- more then one rider wanting to enjoy then speak to us about a family lease, we have plenty of great horses 🙂

All care maintenance and tack is provided by us on any of the lease options.

THERAPY PROGRAMS (Coverage available)

What is “Equine assisted learning and Therapy”?

The primary focus of equine-assisted Learning & Equine therapy (EAT and EAL)

EAT- addressing mental health challenges and emotional well-being, while equine-assisted learning (EAL) primarily focuses on educational and personal development goals

What happens in an equine assisted therapy session?

What Happens During Equine Therapy? | Teen Therapy NC

The client works with a horse and therapist throughout the therapy to improve interactions with those around them, allowing them to make real change. Every session is a little different, but one of the priorities is to help take care of the horse. Animal caretaking teaches fundamental, applicable skills.

What is an example of equine assisted learning?

Some examples of the skills that are taught are grooming a horse in the correct order, memorizing 5 parts of the horse, how to use body language to lead a horse and/or how his or her behavior affects the horse. Sessions can be individual or group and last for 45 minutes.

Equine therapy help with anxiety?

Integrative Equine Therapy has helped many, who are suffering from anxiety. Working with our horses helps clients find and change inside themselves. Getting better shows up in a really gentle, wonderful way. A horse creates the most judgment-free space in the world. horses are among the most beneficial in trauma-informed mental health treatments, their popularity is due to the immediate feedback they provide and the individual connections they build.

Now more than ever our social connections are being challenged and are decreasing dramatically and animals “especially Horses”, have the ability to reflect back to us some of our most desired states like love, compassion, joy and kindness. It also takes courage to turn towards animals to find these things you may have felt that you have lost or have not experienced in a while. Animals have an amazing ability to ground us in the present moment, allowing us a reprieve from our ruminations of the past or worries of the future.

what we might provide in a session…………….

  • Introduction & Grooming
  • Grooming & Bonding Time
  • Connection & Arena Time
  • Horsemanship
  • Introduction to Riding
  • Forest Walk or Ride
  • Mingle with the Herd

Our animal partners and guides assist in the improvement of mental, physical, emotional and social challenges, as well as overall quality of life, child, youth, adult and group programs available.

The Ultimate Equine Experience

A beautiful experience to really connect with the horse(s) and each other. This has been a popular experience with friends, couples, and families.Perfect for one to three participants.The Ultimate Equine Experience will allow the rider to get into a bit of the nitty gritty of horsemanship.Connect with your horse through leading, grooming, tacking, a short lesson and end your time with us with a ride through our beautiful forest at Eden Valley… and a picture or two. This experience is approximately an hour and a half long for riders over age 6

A Pony Discovery Experience is a beginner experience to the wonder of the equine.A young rider can let their senses come alive to experience their pony. From its colour and texture, the feel of it moving beneath them, the smell of the farm, to a whinny of a nearby friendly horse.

The young participant will get a whole hour with their pony. They will learn to lead their pony, groom him, help tack him up, ride him (with a guide) and after care, including feeding and turn out. There will lots of opportunity for pictures. age 6+

Farm Friends Forest Experience.

This is a super experience for a family group and kids.
Enjoy an hour with our farm friends. This is your opportunity to meet not only the horses, but some of our other rescue and re-home animals in residence.
Touch, feed, and take some of our friends on a walk through the forest.
Enjoy a forest scavenger hunt and a bit of exercise while we explore the forests of Eden Valley together.

There is no riding in this experience, but a great option for anxiety and release, as the forest holds amazing powers of healing.

At Liberty Horse Connection Experience

This is a beautiful session in self discovery, humility and delight , Perfect for an individual or a couple.

There is no riding involved in this session.  You will learn to open up the lines of communication and work with the horse from your heart then listen closely , the horse has a choice and freedom in the interaction.

Forest BathingAlso known as Shinrin-yoku

Walk in quiet awareness with your guide through the forest.  Stop at special spots to reflect, meditate and connect with your senses and realize the power of healing the Forest can have. You will be guided on a mindful journey through our beautiful trails.  We will stop along the way for meditation and reflection exercises. Experiences are available by the hour.

Tailored Equine Partnered Experiences

Enjoy an equine experience tailored just for you or your group. Contact us for details



ACCESS OAP, Ontario Autism Program. Families accessing Access OAP funding can utilize their funding with us.

Eden Valley is under the umbrella of "Approved Therapy" programs in Ontario and therefore works under the government funded program. Submit your receipts and get the payment reimbursed.
NWE PROGRAM- "EQUI-FIT"- work on the movement of the body while on a horse
TAILS ON TRAILS- spend some quiet time with a horse or animal of you choice, groom go for a guided Forest walk- stay tuned for details
Working in unison with and