Eden Valley Equine Assisted Learning program is Working in combination with “The Art of White Space“!!

We have made a Face-Book page called “HARP” Be sure to check it out as well as Olaf and Teddy on Instagram 🙂

Meet Teddy our 2020 Miniature baseball wearing lamb
Meet OLAF- 2019 blue haired ALPACHA
OLAF getting cuddles from Jocelyn xoxoxo
A- guided meeting and introduction to horses, can include grooming or just quiet time touring the facility and meeting all the animals.
B-Basic Grooming package; A guided mindful session bonding with your horse while grooming, touching and connecting  and all  sessions are custom in length to meet individual client needs.
C- Grooming and arena time (mindfulness and bonding session, grooming and some quiet time in the arena or paddock getting to understand and connect with your horse.
D – Grooming & horsemanship session learn to to groom along with proper horsemanship and ground control for safety. Learn how your actions and body language can influence the horses response
 E- Grooming and introduction to riding – groom, saddle with an introduction to riding.
F-Trail riding & forest therapy- (Seasonal) learn to groom, saddle and spent some quiet time with your horse, hour session and half day sessions can be arranged

Other Mindful equine experiences

  • Horse visit, stand ponder and watch the horses, see what herd dynamics take place and just let your mind relax and focus on watching theses magnificant creatures be in the moment. You can watch from a distance or find a quiet spot under a tree and join them in their paddock.
Cuddle Time
  • Mingle with the HERD, come spend an hour or a day just touching, interacting and being apart of the secret world of horse- human connection. Hear the birds and bathe in the ambiance of the farm.

Other programs-on schedule

  • SHIN ROKU- forest therapy, enjoy a relaxing walk through the forest guided or alone, stop at special spots to reflect, meditate and enjoy the sights and smells. Group or individual walks can be arranged. We may even do some campfires and moonlight walks through nature, hear the night sounds and smelling the forest musk and night noises.
  • Farm animal therapy, park yourself in a pen with friendly farm animals, they are so cute and love to be visited!