We are mainly a rescue center, but not everything offered for sale has been a rescue.
We rescue, rehabilitate and find homes for over 100 horses annually and our rescues come from a variety of sources sadly many come from kill auctions where they are sold by the pound and the last stop before heading to the slaughter houses.
Many of our beautiful salvaged horses are older and have worked hard their whole life, then when unable to do the hard work required are disposed of at meat sales.

It is important to us that each horse we rescue has the time it needs to recover and heal both physically and mentally!
Most of our horses have gone through a significant period of trauma prior to rescue and it is very important to us to give our horses every opportunity to find a successful partnership and a FOREVER home.

Once brought back to health and strength these amazing resilient animals are eager to please want to connect and have so much love to offer, no doubt that they recognize that they have been given a second chance at life , a life where they can finally find happiness and the kindness not known before.

Our rescues have been successfully placed in homes as trail buddies, pleasure horses, drivers, broodmares, and therapy horses and to think……….all they needed was a chance to move around in a pasture, a little sunshine, fresh air, good food, basic medical maintenance( teeth floating, deworming, de-lousing ,severe rain rot and leg mites) and of course plenty of TLC!
So thank you for taking the time to visit our website and supporting us and with each horse adopted we can keep the program going!
Many thanks Mandy Carson

Featured rescue Horse

Arrived Aug 22, 2017 a kill pen rescue, approx age late teens, 16h, he came full of lice, rain-rot, leg mites and severly malnourished and depressed!
After medical care and necessary treatment, he is now on his way to health and happiness, so be sure to stay tuned and watch his progress 🙂

New pictures taken Sept 3, he looks soooo much better already 🙂

enjoying treats and attention from student Jocelyn