Eden Valley Ranch runs an Equine facilitated learning and healing program for a wide range of clients and all staff are liscenced mental health professionals that work alongside Equine specialist.

Eden Valley and it’s staff are certified with Eagala, a globally recognized satandard for  Equine assisted psychotherapy and personal development.

The program works with a variety of mental health agencies, youth probation services, churches, and professionals in the Simcoe County and surrounding areas.aboriginal and at risk youth, PTSD with veterans, spanning into all areas of mental health, emotional and spiritual healing venues.

The program is run year round and can include forest therapy/wilderness therapy options in the summer months.

Below is a list of options and riding sessions available;


Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy Programs

$50/ with Equine Specialist

$100.00 involving a Mental health Specialist.

Session length  for A, B and C approx. 60 minutes, team sessions longer and all sessions will vary according to age of client, individual situation, weather etc.

A– Horse touch therapy; quiet time with a horse or herd.

B– grooming and basic horse handling.

CEAGALA  Equine assisted learning and psychotherapy “EAL private sessions” involving both a (ES & MHS)

DEAGALA “TEAM” building sessions; a group program.(ES & MHS)


* ES= Equine Specialist                * MHS= Mental Health Specialist


Trail Riding Packages

1- Short lesson followed by trail-ride 1 hr- $50.00 each

2- Basic trail-ride (Horses ready to go) 1 hr  $50.00

3-  Longer trail package 1 1/2 hr $80 each

4- extreme cowboy package 9;00 till 12;00- session includes, grooming, lesson and 2hr trail-ride which involves some running if riders are experienced and desire this-  $150.00 each

custom packages can be arranged for speciality groups.

Birthday Party Packages

 (Riding and party sessions are held in the ring but can include a trail-ride in the better weather)

ages 6+ and can host up to 10 children,  $50/per p


Riding Lessons

Ages 6+ One hour sessions, which include grooming and prep time.

1- Private riding lesson-  $50.00

2- Group Lessons (2-4 riders)  family discounts offered  $35.00/hr each ride pony(horse)